The FreeBSD Corporate Networker's Guide

Disclosure statements

This page lists all disclosure statements regarding The FreeBSD Corporate Networker's Guide. It is authoritative as of September 2004. These are my commitments of integrity to my readers.

Policy statements
As stated in the book, it is not my policy to accept free hardware devices sent as gifts from manufacturers for the purpose of inducing me to mention them in the book.

I do accept evaulation units with "no strings attached" sent to me by computer and hardware manufacturers for the purpose of learning about their applicability to FreeBSD. These are returned after 60 days. I do not guarantee that I will mention them in my writing, nor do I guarantee that any possible mention will be favorable.

In the case of software I will always prefer mentioning an Open Source package in my writing in favor of a commercial for-profit software package. I only mention commercial software when there is no Open Source alternative, or when it's a software package that the majority of people already use.

I do not participate in any link-for-fee programs or sign any agreements in which I give up control over link selection, placement, or positioning on this Web site. I do, however, participate in informal "link for a link" programs with Webmasters where I'll link to their site in exchange for them linking to my site, as long as both of us retain control over positioning and placement of links on our sites.

I do not allow banner advertisements on this Web site nor provide any marketing data from the Web site in exchange for a fee. All user contact data supplied to me is kept confidential. I do not harvest e-mail addresses from the Web site and sell them for profit.

I do not participate in "spiff" or "kickback" programs with booksellers in which I funnel sales to one seller over another in exchange for a fee.

I do not give manufacturers advance notice that I will mention their products in my writing, nor do I permit manufacturers access to my writing before publication.

Disclosure statements
At the time of publication, an advertising trade-out was arranged between BSDi and The FreeBSD Corporate Networker's Guide. This consisted of Web site placement of the Networker's Guide on the FreeBSD Mall in exchange for a BSDi advertisement in the back of the book (this is why that advertisement exists in the last page of the book). At the time, proceeds from the sale of all products and services at the FreeBSD Mall went toward the continuing development of FreeBSD.

Unfortunately, the people at BSDi violated their end of the deal and never actually placed the link on their site. Addison-Wesley's sales department had made this arrangement based on trust, and no contract had been signed. So when BSDi's marketing group ignored the deal, Addison-Wesley and I were both cheated.

However, the advertisement in the back of the book uses a URL which was originally assigned to the FreeBSD Mall. When BSDi was sold to Wind River and Wind River subsequently spun off the FreeBSD Mall, they decided to keep the domain. As a result, the FreeBSD Mall does not benefit today from their ill-gotten advertisement. I find a certain poetic justice in this.

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