The FreeBSD Corporate Networker's Guide

Marketing the Networker's Guide

The Networker's Guide has its own page on the Addison-Wesley Web site. In addition, AWL has given the book generous exposure at several expositions and in various publications.

Expositions and shows

USENIX Annual Technical Conference, Boston
June 25-30, 2001
Addison-Wesley booth
Book available for sale

LinuxWorld Conference and Expo, New York City
January 31 - February 2, 2001
Pearson Education booth
Book available for sale

USENIX Lisa 2000 conference, New Orleans
December 3 - 8, 2000
Sample chapters for the book were available at the Addison-Wesley booth. There was much interest; the booth staff said that the teasers were "flying off the shelf."

BSDcon, Monterey
October 18 - 20, 2000
Attendance--about 300. Flyers and teasers for the book (copies of Chapter 8) were distributed. Reports back from the conference coordinator were that all sample chapters were taken.

Web sites

Daemon News
January 12, 2002
Post from Linh Pham about the translation of the Networker's Guide into Japanese

PDF document about the BSD PowerPAK 4.1--book is listed on p.2 under "Third-Party Publications and Applications"

February 2, 2001
Notice of review on

Jaez Networks, FreeBSD News and Links
Listed under "Recommended Books" and with a link to book Web site, Your Guide to BSD Unix
January 29, 2001
Picked as "This Week's Top Read," in which the reviewer says, "Given the various reviews of this book, I would have to say I would like to have it in my personal library." Also has a link to book Web site

Help Net Security
Contest to win one of five copies for best submission of opinion on secure operating systems
Contest results
Contest story also mentioned on NewsForge

Interview with Robert Watson on Slashdot
January 18, 2001 Mention of the book in interview with a link to book Web site

FreeBSD information by Phillip Musumeci
Mention of the book with a link to book Web site

BUGAT (BSD Usergroup Austria)
Mention of the book with a link to book Web site

Mention of the book's publication

Link to Book Web site from the FreeBSD support section

News by GUFI (Grupo Utenti FreeBSD Italia)
Item in the news section with a link to book Web site

Umstieg Linux auf BSD - einige Links
Mention in the Literature section with a link to book Web site

Mention in the Documentation: Books section with a link to book Web site

Daily Daemon News
January 2, 2001
Item on BSD news Web site, along with some user comments about the book

Help Net Security
January 2, 2001
Notice of book's release

BSD Today
January 1, 2001
Brief write-up of the book with a link to the book Web site

Print mentions

Sys Admin magazine
January 2001
Advertisement in far left column on p. 36

AWL Newsletter
January 2001
Periodic newsletter sent out by Addison-Wesley Longman to all retail accounts. This issue mentions the book.
Note: The newsletter link is to a document in Adobe PDF format. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to read it.

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