The FreeBSD Corporate Networker's Guide

Open source Webfile log analysis programs

The following is a supplement to Chapter 6, Webserving, that contains a list of Webfile log analysis programs. These are open source C programs or scripts that will parse the logs generated by a Webserver, typically Apache.

Analog operates similarly to WWWstat. Its author purports it to be the most popular log analyzer in the world.

AWstats is a GNU web log analyzer and can detect robots. It has a lot of support for international, multiple languages.

Webalizer is a C program also released under the GNU license.

WWWstat was one of the first Webserver log analysis scripts available. It is not used as commonly as it once was. It suffers from 3 deficiencies. First, it has no graphical output (although a companion program, gwstat, can produce pretty graph output). Second, it does not take into account Referer information, although there is a set of patches that adds this capability to it. Finally, it does not take into account visits by robots. Thus a lightly used site with only a few hits a month can show many more hits than actual visits by users.

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