The FreeBSD Corporate Networker's Guide

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ISBN 0-201-70481-1 4-89471-464-7
Publisher Addison-Wesley, a division of Pearson Education, a Pearson plc company Pearson Education Japan

Trade paperback, English Language version includes Disk #1 of the 4-CD set of FreeBSD 4.2. The entire 4 disk set is available from Wind River Systems and Daemonnews. Basic installation and technical support is available from these two organizations.

Special note on CD-ROM:
In the event that you receive a book that appears to have a defective CD-ROM, please first double-check that the CD-ROM is unreadable in a different machine. The CD-ROM is readable in a Windows system, although not all filenames will be complete, and it is not guaranteed to boot in all hardware. If the CD is physically damaged, there is an address in the CD-ROM warranty to return it.

English and Japanese, although it is available worldwide (FreeBSD has Asian language support)

The following companies sell the Networker's Guide online. Your favorite local bookstore should also have no trouble ordering the book for you. Please note that my policy is to not participate in any on-line linking programs (programs where the bookseller pays the author to link to them in exchange for preferred placement). If you sell my book, you will be linked to from here as soon as I find out that you are selling it.

SPECIAL NOTE: Sometime in early 2004, Addison Wesley moved the status of the English Language version of the book to "Out of Print." What happens then is that the publisher does 2 things. First, they stop accepting returns of the book from bookstores. Second, they sell off all the remaining book inventory to "remainder booksellers." What this effectively means to me is that I stop receiving royalties on the book. What this means to the book consumer is that the bookstores that only deal with new and in-print books will be unable to order The FreeBSD Corporate Networker's Guide from the publisher, if their stock runs out.

However, this does NOT mean that you will be unable to buy a copy! The sellers listed below all still have inventory of new copies of the book in stock. Some of them also have listings of used or remainder copies of the book in stock. You may also use and to seach out remainder booksellers that have copiesof the book.

Note also that there are 2 print versions of the book, the original printing and the second printing. The second printing includes has FreeBSD version 4.4 of the FreeBSD CD-ROM. The original printing includes FreeBSD version 4.2 of the FreeBSD CD-ROM. The 2 versions are otherwise identical except for the Errata which are already documented on this Web site.

Please e-mail me if you wish your bookseller or retailer to be listed here or if you discover that a retailer listed here no longer carries the book.

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Barnes & Noble
Blackwell's Online Bookshop
Daemon News Mall
Lehmanns Online Bookshop
Powell's Technical Books
Quantum Books
San Diego Technical Books, Inc.
Tatnuck Booksellers
Textbooks at Co$
Titles Bookstore at McMaster University

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