The FreeBSD Corporate Networker's Guide

Contact and feedback

Books don't exist in a vacuum. For the Networker's Guide to be of any use, it must provide answers to your questions. This obvious axiom is often forgotten by authors of guides such as this.

When writing this book, I structured it based upon my years of experience with FreeBSD, as well as many questions that users submitted to the various on-line forums such as the FreeBSD mailing lists and Usenet. But, there is nothing as good as the ideas, opinions, and questions of readers. I welcome all feedback, and I will consider it if I write a future edition. Please use the following guidelines if you wish to send in feedback.

Question/Comment guidelines

  1. I do not guarantee a response on all questions.

  2. I do not have time to respond to questions that are clearly answered in the Networker's Guide. I would greatly appreciate it if, before emailing your question, you would carefully review the Table of Contents.

  3. Questions about unclear or glossed-over topics in the book will be answered by responses placed in the Book FAQ section. Obviously you should refer to this section before asking these kinds of questions.

  4. I appreciate reports of any typographical, grammar, or other errors. After verification, these will be reported on the Errata page.

  5. Suggestions or requests for additional material may be used for a future edition and are extremely welcome! I may also insert responses to some of these in the Tech Notes section of the website, look for them there.

  6. Everything should be e-mailed to Please note that I have had long, long experience dealing with spammers. This mailbox is protected by an extensive, custom-built database of spam filtering strings. If you send anything that is not a legitimate, bona-fide question or comment to this address, I am just about guaranteed to never see it. The computer will simply send it to the great bit bucket in the sky.

  7. Do not send binary attachments, mail infected with viruses, HTML-ized e-mail, or binary wordprocessing files like MS Word to this address. Doing so will greatly reduce the chance that I will be able to read the message. ASCII e-mail text worked fine in mail systems for over 20 years and is happily accepted by everyone. I highly recommend it.

  8. This notice serves to inform you that, should you send anything to this e-mail address, you immediately lose your copyright and other rights to what you have written me. In short, you give me blanket permission to use any and all text of your e-mail message to me as I see fit.

  9. As a rule, the only telephone calls I take regarding questions on FreeBSD are paid, consulting calls. If you have a FreeBSD question that is too complex to be able to write up in a few paragraphs in an e-mail, then you really need a full-time, paid networking consultant to come in and look at your network and discuss your problem with you.

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