The FreeBSD Corporate Networker's Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for The FreeBSD Corporate Networker's Guide. There are a number of general FreeBSD FAQs on the Internet, and I don't attempt to duplicate their contents here. Instead, in this section are the more commonly asked questions sent to me directly about the book, and contents that aren't clear in the book.

  1. What versions of FreeBSD are covered by this book?

  2. What versions of Windows are covered by this book?

  3. What versions of FreeBSD and Windows should I use?

  4. When is the next edition coming out?

  5. Is there an electronic discussion forum for the book?

  6. Can I get a free copy of the book?

  7. Is a copy of the book online?

  8. Can I buy an autographed copy of the book from you?

  9. I installed the FreeBSD 4.2 from the included CD-ROM, and when the system rebooted it froze with the message: "Generating DSA parameter and key."

  10. I'm trying to install FreeBSD on a system with no CD-ROM drive, and all I have is a Windows 95/98 system; do you know of any good Windows 95/98 FTP server programs I can use to do it?

  11. I want to use FreeBSD 4.2 in my commercial, for-profit organization. Is this legal?

  12. If you write a second edition of this book, is there a possibility that those who have the first edition would have access to the updates in the second edition?

  13. Would those that have a first edition be able to receive the second edition at a reduced cost?

  14. I glanced through the TOC at the publisher's site, and there doesn't seem to be anything present about VPNs (which is one of my primary interests). Is there anything meaningful coverage re: VPNs (Virtual Private Networks)?

  15. Why did you write a book on UNIX and make the assumption that people already know Microsoft?

  16. According to the FreeBSD Corporate Networkers Guide, FreeBSD developers or BSDI people were working with Oracle to port Oracle to FreeBSD. Does anyone know the status of this?

  17. In Chapter 7 you have a section on encrypted passwords that discusses a registry fix for cleartext passwords for Windows 98 and NT. What's the setting for Windows 2K and XP?

  18. I just installed a Windows 2003 server and I cannot connect to it from my FreeBSD system using the smbclient program.

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