The FreeBSD Corporate Networker's Guide

Unresolved pre-production review items

This section of the Web site features reviewer suggestions that I chose to exclude from the book, along with my explanation. Note that this only covers the reviewer suggestions that I received pre-production. Reviewer comments that were made upon reading the published book itself are handled as are all other reader suggestions and comments, with the only difference being that I'm responding to published reviews in those cases.


  • FreeBSD Flagship: Recommendations for a different FreeBSD Flagship example

    Chapter 1

  • Static vs Dynamic: Debate between static assignment and dynamic assignment of IP numbers

  • PostScript Printers: PostScript printers aren't the only option anymore, you know

  • Dynamic DNS: Not enough discussion on the new Dynamic DNS solutions

  • Acronyms, Acronyms: Too many unreferenced concepts are introduced too quickly

    Chapter 2

  • BIND 4 Obsolete: Should emphasize BIND 8 syntax

  • DNS Glossed Over: The discussion of DNS is not detailed enough

  • CIDR Missing: Gloss over of IP allocation problems on today's Internet

  • DHCP Saves IP Numbers!: Debate on what the point of running DHCP is

    Chapter 3

  • Don't discuss installation of old FreeBSD: Discussion of older versions not relevant

  • Booting the FreeBSD installer: Booting from CD is better

  • Low-level disk formatting: This is not recommended

  • Drop the bad144 discussion: Talking about an obsolete item is not good

    Chapter 4

  • Xhost security: Comment that "xhost +" is insecure

  • Root password recovery complicated: There are simpler ways to replace a lost root password

  • This chapter should be 2 chapters: Chapter a mix of Intro to UNIX and BSD administration

  • UNIX/Windows password interoperability: Discuss how to share passwords between UNIX systems and Windows systems

  • Different awk script: There's a better way than you did

    Chapter 5

  • Cisco cheerleading: Lots of time spent discussing Cisco routers

  • Simple access lists: Examples are simplistic and should take advantage of constructs like naming

  • IP addressing terminology: Should not be using outdated terminology

  • Wrong IP address range: Use the provided range for example numbers, not random ones

    Chapter 6

  • FrontPage Extensions explanation: Go more in-depth on explaining and installing FrontPage

    Chapter 7--None

    Chapter 8--None

    Chapter 9

  • Updating Sendmail: There's a better way

  • Return Receipt Requested (RRQ): Not happy with this discussion

  • Case insensitivity: Recommendation to shorten the discussion on case insensitivity

  • 8-character limit: Usernames can be longer than 8 characters

  • POP3 encryption: POP2 passwords can be encrypted

  • Don't touch /var/mail/userbox: Caution against unsafe editing of a user's mailbox

  • Use Don't use and other fake domain names for explanations

    Chapter 10--None

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